Water Restoration

How to Minimize the Damage Caused By Flood Water

Thunderstorms can create sever havoc and nobody can predict when a natural disaster would strike, or be absolutely ready to face it. Thus, it is likely that in a case of a thunderstorm your house or office space may suffer from water damage that needs quick repair and restoration services. Although there are many things that you can do yourself to safeguard your valuables, only a certified and well-trained water restoration expert can totally help avoid any form of structural or health threats.

The biggest threat that comes due to flood water seeping inside the house comes in the form of contamination which means the water may carry pathogens and thus become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. If not restored immediately, these molds can spread quickly than you can imagine and spread into the entire building, thus becoming even harder to remove.

What Makes a Home More Sensitive to Water Damage?

Once the flood calms down, your house can be highly sensitive to the water damage. It is difficult to detect the level of moisture appropriately just by just looking at the walls with naked eye. Furthermore, if there is standing liquid for longer time then this might cause microbial growth within hours. This can further saturate all types of wall tiles and also seep through any dry walls in the house. When moisture collects behind the walls, the mold and bacteria can multiply at a rapid stage.

To minimize the damage you need to act quickly and start the restoration process by first removing as many pieces of furniture and clothing as you can. While doing this always remember that there is risk associated to entering in a building that has been flooded as the structure might be weak. Furthermore, threat may also be due to contaminated water containing chemicals that might pose health hazards and wildlife risk that may cause serious injury.

Health Safety and Precautions

When getting into a house that has been damaged by water, ensure that the electrical power has been switched off completely as plugged-in devices and exposed electrical wires can easily electrocute people resulting in serious injury or even death. Beware of reptiles, rodents and snakes that may be hidden under the debris. They may come out suddenly and bite.

To safeguard yourself from any waterborne contaminants and wildlife threat, make sure you wear some kind of protective clothing from head to toe. Other essential protective items include rubber gloves, vapor respirator, and eye protection. Wearing thick shoes or boots can save you from animal bites and puncturing.

Why Do You Need Professional Restoration Services?

A well trained flood damage restoration team would be able to identify the household items that have been compromised by water damage. If the fluid is contaminated then anything that is porous will have to be discarded. When the damage incurred is serious in nature, we would recommend that you always choose a professional as they would know best how to deal with the situation and the moisture related problems. The professionals also know how to clean thoroughly to prevent mold and bacteria damage that may pose a threat later on.

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